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Bishop Union High School

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Welcome to the BUHS Alumni Page. This site is intended for the use and enjoyment of all former students of Bishop Union High School. Whether you attended BUHS for part of your high school career or went all the way through graduation, please feel free to post your information. I will also post information about Class Reunions and requests for information about former classmates. Enjoy your time looking around, and feel free to suggest any improvements to this web site.


Site News - September 2009

As some of you have noticed, this site has not been updated for a long time - since about November of last year. I was having a health issue with a family member, so I apologize to those who have submitted updates that didn't get posted. The good news is the health issue has been resolved, so I have time (and energy:) ) to update the site again. I've worked through the updates into April of this year and have about 40 more to go. I didn't put up posts regarding any reunions this summer because I figured it would be pointless since they're already passed.

One of the things I noticed while doing the updates is that my contact form is truncating some of the longer posts. If you have submitted information and some of it is missing from the site, that's what happened. I'm working on getting this fixed, but in the meantime just email me the correct info and I'll get it posted. I'm also trying to figure out a way to let you update your own information. Which leads me to...

I'd like to migrate this site to a new platform, either Drupal or Wordpress. This would have several benefits, the most important ones being easier searching for your friends, ability to update your own information, and (for me) much easier site maintenance. It would probably even be easy to throw in some bells and whistles like a message board and user photos. The disadvantages would be having to register (at least for those who want to do their own updates), the need for a browser with good Cascading Style Sheet (css) support, and importing all the raw text into a database. If anyone has experience with either Drupal or Wordpress, please contact me and fill me in on the pros and cons of each.

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If anyone has information on reunions upcoming in 2010 contact me so I can post it on the Reunions page. Thank you.

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